Hintarea In A Nutshell

Are you an owner of web-service and looking to have interactive tutorial for your web-app?

Hintarea is a smart tutorial builder for web-sites and web-applications. It provides easy creation of interactive tooltips that will introduce your product to new users of your application.

Learn how you can manage step-by-step guidance for your site with Hintarea. 1,5 minutes to read :-)







1. To start with, you have to put Hintarea’s code into your website’s template.

Installation is likely to Google Analytics’ and respectively doesn’t require any coding skills - it’s just ready to work.



2. All you need is just to open the Hintarea control bar that appears after you have the code installed into your website and then just pressed “Create Hint” button.



3. Choose an element where tooltip should be assigned to, and, of course, the position of the tip relating to the element.



4. The last step is just to title your hint and add its description.



5. So, we got the tooltip that appears within a moment once a new visitor comes.




6. So, we got the tooltip that appears within a moment once new visitor comes.




7. You may have noticed that certain style doesn’t fit to this website.

The problem is easy to solve with applying advanced settings, enabling style editor and choosing desirable style.





8. There are 5 tooltips styles, bunch of color schemes, and it always looks good on any web-site. Ok, let choose this one.



9. It’s really easy way how you can make guiding tours in sort of interactive manuals. We call them walkthroughs.

Make such scenarios to ensure your users in achieving their needs when they start to work with your project. Let’s see how it works for visitors.

First, user sees the message that prompts him/her to start the tour.



10. Then user just follows the instruction and gets new skill of working with this product with no need to read any manuals.




11. Here we used triggmine.com app for instans:



Tool tips are easy to create with help of simple online builder. This can be easy done for websites with any complexity!