Hintarea In A Nutshell


Are you an owner of web-service and looking to have interactive tutorial for your web-app?

Hintarea is a smart tutorial builder for web-sites and web-applications. It provides easy creation of interactive tooltips that will introduce your product to new users of your application.

Learn how you can manage step-by-step guidance for your site with Hintarea. 1,5 minutes to read :-)

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How To Increase Users Engagement Of Your Web-service? First, Help Users To Understand Your Product Better


Companies developing Web service apps are likely to face two big problems — losing potential customers and increasing their client acquisition cost (CAC) — because they seldom focus on a user engagement strategy.

Here are important tips for user engagement. Knowledge of the rules and usage of the techniques below will help businesses to avoid extra expenses and high bounce rates of SaaS projects.

The recommendations in this article are based on pillars of user-friendly web-design formulated by Jakob Nielsen in his “10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design”.

The first version of the article was published on Sand Hill web-site before, but now it is extended due to its focus on UX aspects in customers development.

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