We've developed Google Chrome extension that allows you to check out Hintarea hints in demonstration mode on any website and see how it works.

Install Hintarea Demo Extension

Step 1. Log in into your account

Signing in will allow you to keep all created hints in your account and publish them when you are ready.
You could also use demo-user account if you are not registered on Hintarea yet.

Step 2. Add your site to Hintarea

Visit your site and click on "Add this site to Hintarea" button.
Hints will be visible only for you and only in your browser. It will not affect your site.

Step 3. Turn on hints on your website

Once you've added site, you should turn on hints displaying on your website and reload page.

Step 4. Create hint

You will see a question mark at left side of the screen.
Press it and choose "Create hint" inside the opened panel. Element selection mode and hints creation mode will be activated.

Step 5. Hints view

To view, edit, delete hints and know more about Hintarea options you can use Hint's control panel at the left side of screen.


Install Hintarea Demo Extension